A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Capital, a game about wealth, where Money rules the world and everything exists for this sole end.

It's a dark world where the wealthy developed a new hobby, a gentleman's duel named the Capital Combat. Without any weapons or physical aggression, both contestants use their own riches to defeat their opponents, increasing their fortune after each battle.

Abraham shunned the game, despite being the son of one of the wealthiest players. Then, he watched his father topple to the bottom, suffering a shameful series of defeats that left him bankrupt. Now Abraham has taken up his father's legacy in the name of revenge, seeking to defeat every culprit behind his family's shame.

Capital features a unique turn based system inspired by classic and modern games. It features a simple yet deep approach where every resource you have in the game, be it Health Points, Magic Points, Gold or Experience Points, everything is now merged into a single unit: Money

  • Rules of the Capital Combat
    • Every time you attack, you must pay the attack
    • Every time you are hit, you lose money
    • Every time you defeat an opponent, you win money
    • Every time you want to get a new ability, you must spend money
  • It's all about managing your savings and profiting!

Explore the Capital University, our 3D low poly world crafted by our artists, battle or evade your enemies, look for loot hidden through the university's corridors and locate the ones behind Abraham's tragic story


Capital v1.5 - Windows 76 MB
Capital v1.5 - Mac 80 MB


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